PhD defenses and candidates


Defended PhDs

1. Davor Maček, " A Model for the Evaluation of Critical Information Systems Using Multicriteria Decision-making with Elements for Risk Analysis and Assessment in Financial Institutions", mentors: Ivan Magdalenić and Nina Begičević Ređep, defended 15 November 2021 

2. Goran Matošević, "Web Page Content Adjustment for Search Engines Using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing", mentors: Jasminka Dobša and Dunja Mladenić, defended 3 October 2019

3. Daniel Strmečki, "Framework for Business Web Application Families Development Using an Ontological Model and Source Code Generators", mentor: Magdalenić, defended 6 February 2019

4. Dino Alagić, "Building a Model for Automated and Improved Utilization of Existing Server Resources", mentor: Magdalenić, defended 23 January 2019

5. Andrija Bernik, "Implementation of Computer Game Elements into Online Teaching of Information Technology Courses", mentors: Goran Bubaš and Danijel Radošević, defended 20 June 2017